Monday, November 29, 2010

seven daily reasons

Why today is generally good. Stolen from one of the more inspirational women I have ever met, this affirmation may be necessary on multiple days throughout the next two weeks.

1. Never being too old to appreciate the importance of the most important day of 2010...and having a good friend to do it with

That is Kayla and I at approximately 5:51 on November 19th after attending the 3:15 a.m. showing of Harry Potter 7 (yes, they show that late). And might I mention...fully dressed in wizard's robes.

2. Knowing that I have another semester left, but only 2 weeks of this one left.

3. That starbucks exists in the Reitz providing caffeine pre-tour without an extra stop.

4. A new How I Met Your Mother, which can always make a Monday better

5. Inspirational messages from Ruthie every Monday

6. Still having some of these leftover:

7. Thinking about new year's in New Orleans.

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