Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 5-Your siblings

I only have one sibling and her name is Rachel. Rachel and I are related only through our mother, but we were raised together as if we were sisters. We are 8 years apart, which has made it difficult for us to relate to each other, although recently since I moved out and started growing up we have become a lot closer. Rachel is way cooler than I will ever be. She makes her own clothes, has actual style, and likes to be barefoot all the time. While my wardrobe consists of mainly black, hers consists of pieces of clothing that used to belong to other people (like me) that she mixes in a way I could never figure out, and wears with a confidence I just don't have. At 10 years old, she told my roommate she was an "agnostic" and defined it correctly, a feat I wouldn't have been able to accomplish until at least 17. People often call her an "old soul" and I do think she is mature for her age (although having a sister 8 years older than her might account for that too). We are polar opposites on some things--she is quiet, reserved and doesn't blurt out the first thing in her mind. I compared us at her bat mitzvah in certain ways, such as my affinity for buying shoes and her affinity for not wearing them. While we are very different, our interests overlap a lot, and I am very impressed with the person she is becoming.

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