Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On the way to the perfect bloody mary...

Stopped in Mississippi on the way back from New Orleans. Had spent all weekend craving bloody mary. Saw a jar of cajun dill beans from The Shed. Upon inquiry, I learned that the secret of the great bloody marys of the gulf coast is their use of these special beans in the drink. Obviously purchased said dill beans, knowing upon return to Florida I had to share these with the general population.

Stopped at grocery store. Bought tomato juice, V8, worstechire sauce, hot sauce (also 4 bags of candy but that had nothing to do with the bloody marys).
Attempt 1:
Too much vodka
Tomato juice and v8
Not enough worstechire sauce
Not enough hot sauce
2 cajun dill beans

Realized I forgot lemons. Good but needed more of the aforementioned "not enough" ingredients.

Attempt 2:
3/4 cup vodka
1/4 cup tomato juice
enough worstechire sauce
TOO MUCH hot sauce
2 cajun dill beans
still no lemons
added minced onions...not sure it made a difference

One major issue I'm having is that of the vodka separating from the tomato juice. My mom says that I should get the mix because its designed to stop this from happening, but I don't believe in mixes...that's the point of this quest.

I also believe that if you use v8 and get your full serving of vegetables, bloody marys are good for you.