Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 11-Favorite tv shows

This one is easy because the list is short.

In my opinion the all time best show that was ever on television:

Friends is the show by which all other shows are judged, in my opinion. It is extremely difficult to get me to laugh out loud at something happening behind a glass screen, and this show is the first I can remember having that effect on me several times throughout a 30 minute show. We used to joke that everything in our lives could be related to friends, and although the effect has faded out since it has become less prevalent in my life, the jokes will always be funny and the lessons always relevant. When Friends ended, I cried for about an hour after it ended before pulling myself together and reminding myself that emotional attachment to a television show was ridiculous. But it has never been outdone in my opinion.

My current obsession:

This show is second only to Friends in its ability to make me laugh out loud. Although I think the quality of the show began to fade a little in season 5, and I am still frustrated that we haven't met the mother, this show remains a constant part of my life, and is never overdone. My biggest regret is that Neil Patrick Harris isn't readily available, while my favorite episodes continue to be the Thanksgiving episodes, beginning with Slapsgiving, the episode that originally sucked me in.

I can't even explain this one:

While I am currently have the Food Network on 24/7, nothing can excite me more than turning it on to see my favorite Italian chef cooking up something in her beautiful California home. Giada has become a household name at the PHrathouse (my apartment), and my roommate and I watch in awe her simple grace in the kitchen. Although I can't cook, nor do I ever intend to become the perfect chef, Giada makes me want to be a better cook and work to create my own special recipes. She is an inspiration.

My Guilty Pleasure:

Yes Spongebob. Spongebob has been there for me for years, and since Nickelodeon still faithfully plays it far more often than any other show, I use it as background noise, as the catalyst for a great afternoon nap, or for stupid entertainment on a weekend morning. No I'm not I'm not embarassed.

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