Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Going to the phone store

Cell phones have revolutionized the world we live in. Not only are we at all times able to reach the people that we want, but we are able to access phone, internet, voicemail and email from wherever we happen to be. All of this has caused the 20-somethings of the world to ditch the land line...why pay for it? Land lines are wired, have small ranges, cannot travel with you, and you have to pay extra for caller id and long distance.

So yes, when my phone freezes, it is an issue.

Today's questionable human award goes out to the people who work in the cell-phone store:
No, ma'am, I cannot wait 48 hours for a new phone.
Yes, sir, it is an inconvenience to me to drive out here once you've sent me my new phone so that I can transfer all of my important data on to the next one, especially since I drove out here today for you to tell me to make a phone call.
No, it is not acceptable for you to hand me a phone number that connects me to someone in a different time zone, who cannot physically see my phone to fix it for me, to guide me through the process of fixing my phone, which is something people get paid to do, so you better be paying me anyway.
And no, I do not have 45 minutes to spare, nor do I have a place to call from, because as previously stated, I have no land line and my phone is broken!

And to the man in the different time zone fixing my phone, here's second place. Because while you may think I hung up on you out of frustration (although I would never do that because that would result in me still having a broken phone), the call was in fact dropped. And though it seemed as though you had such personal customer service, I do not know your name, nor do I have your cell phone number to call you back on.


"Hell is other people."
-Jean-Paul Satre

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